Chapter 4: Giving and receiving feedback

4.3 Negative feedback

Click on each stage of the drawing to discover 5 basic steps when giving negative feedback (Poertner, Miller 1997).

1. Describe the behaviour or performance you want to redirect.

2. Listen to your recipient's reaction

2a. If he/she is unwilling to accept responsibility, explore the negative effect of your recipient's actions and try to better explain the issue.

2b. If he/she is confused about your expectations, specify your expectations for actions. Help your recipient acknowledge that a problem exists and take responsibility for it.

3. Explore what positive results could be accomplished.

4. Develop a specific plan for future action.

5. Thank your recipient.

Quick assessment. Read the following example and mark the correct answer.

Chapter Quiz

Quiz question /

A good feedback shouldn’t be …
Which of the following elements is common both for positive and negative feedback?
In case of the negative feedback, if your recipient is confused, you should:
The last element of both negative and positive feedback giving process should be:

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