Chapter 2: Asking questions

2.2 Question types

Closed questions force people to use one word answer.

In the workplace they can be a good way to open and close a conversation, even though a whole string of them in a row, will make others feel they are being interrogated.


Open questions allow longer answers. They usually ask about feeling, opinion or knowledge and they usually begin with how, what and why. Open questions can also begin with “tell me” or “describe”.

#shareuropinion #tellme

A leading questions point the respondent’s answer in a certain direction.

Loaded questions are similar to leading questions in that they subtly (or not so subtly) push the user toward a particular response.

#lead&load #showmetheway

Rhetorical questions are often used by speakers in presentations to get the audience to think and to engage the listener. Rhetorical questions are, by design, used to promote thinking.


A probing questions help to get a person to talk about his personal opinions and feelings, and promotes critical thinking. Probing questions are typically open-ended, meaning there is more than just one response to them. Asking probing questions is another strategy for finding out more details.


Funnel questions This technique involves starting with general questions, and then homing in on a point in each answer, and asking more and more detail at each level. It's often used by detectives taking a statement from a witness.


Quick assessment. Read the following example and mark the correct answer.

Chapter Quiz

Quiz question /

Based on your experience, what do you suggest we do here?

This is an example of:
So, if I get this qualification, will I get a raise?

This is an example of:
Do you love our amazing support team?

This is an example of:
Don't you love the way the text picks up the colors in the photographs?

This is an example of:
What exactly do you mean by fast-track?

This is an example of:
How can I help you understand that a little better?

This is an example of:
Don’t you know any better than that?

This is an example of:
Were any of them wearing anything distinctive?

This is an example of:

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