Chapter 2: Asking questions

2.2 Introduction

Asking the right question is at the heart of an effective communication and information exchange. By using the right questions in a particular situation, you can achieve various objectives: We ask questions to solve problems, to exchange ideas, to empower people and encourage teamwork.

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Asking questions in job related situations

Asking questions - is it a guarantee of good results?

Using questions in itself is not a guarantee of good communication. Can you tell the difference between empower and disempower?

Involves raising the awareness of the individual of his/her own capabilities and strength.

Deprives of power, authority, or influence : makes weak, ineffectual, or unimportant.

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An empowering question transferres the “power” to the other person; involves raising the awareness of the individual; encourages employee’s development as a thinker and problem solver.

A disempowering question, on the other hand, undercuts the confidence of the person to whom it’s asked and sabotages his/her performance. Often, these types of questions focus on failure or betray that the questioner has a hidden agenda.

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